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ICH15_Max (107K)
2015 BSS National Field Trial - Intermediate Champion
and a week later earned his Finished title:
HRCH UH Justaminicoopertothemax - owned and handled by Brent Poston
(HRCH UH Master Maximus of the Cooper x SHR Just Ducky's Scotch'nSoda)
Full results from 2015 BSS National Field Trial

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Hunt Test/Field trial event photos
Private shots at your place, at a hunt test, or in Edgefield
Birds provided
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lgBoykinBowl (46K) PKPottery
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photo by Pamela O. Kadlec
August/September 2005 issue - Dove Hunter magazine
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UH GRHRCH Just Ducky's Justforkicks - "Mule"
UKC/HRC's Top Spaniel
The Only spaniel in the UKC/HRC 2,000 Point Club - 2 Grand passes, 106 Finished passes and 37 Upland passes as of July 2008

sarah2.jpg - 15787 Bytes UKC HRC Titled Boykin Spaniels
7-year old Sarah Harris and her Boykin spaniel "Buck" - Island Creek Buck - earning their first Started pass at the Carolina Boykin Spaniel HRC
photo by Pamela O. Kadlec

midlands.gif - 3203 Bytes The Midlands Hunting Retriever Club

The United Kennel Club's Hunting Retriever Club

Spaniel Bookcodyread.jpg - 6098 Bytes Justacodependent - "Cody" - says he loves this book!

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes New Release date - June 15, 2005
Updated with new photos and statistics on HRC titled Boykins
New Boykin photos include: GRHRCH "Mule", HRCH "Booker" and HRCH Holland Ridge Jeb Stuart

Retriever Training for Spaniels - working with soft-tempered, hard-head, intelligent dogs
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SCWAcover.jpg - 21042 BytesJust Ducky's Justanibble - "Nibble"
GRHRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks x Shelby's Nipper
photo by Pamela O. Kadlec
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sjadvert.gif - 6550 Bytes The Spaniel Journal - online spaniel magazine

LuckyQU.jpg - 24667 Bytes brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes March/April 2005 Cover boy - HR UH Just Ducky's Justmyluck- "Lucky"
photo by Pamela O. Kadlec
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brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Kennels, Training

Just Ducky Kennel

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jdkbttn.jpg - 16235 Bytes Just Ducky Spaniel Training Academy

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Puppy Head Start Program

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Just Ducky Academy Assistant Professors 5 Generations of UKC HRC titled dogs!

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2004 BSS Nationals Results for Just Ducky Kennel dogs It was a "Just Ducky" Nationals!
brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2005 BSS Nationals Results for Just Ducky Kennel dogs
brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Academy Graduates and Honors page - Updated 6/28/04

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes American Water Spaniel Academy brag page
brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Irish Water Spaniel Academy brag page

cdc5_01.jpg - 5860 Bytes Carolina Dove Club

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesPuppies and

Just Ducky Kennel's Started Dogs - Adult Boykins For Sale!

Boykin Spaniel puppy buyers beware - if you want a Boykin Spaniel Society registered Boykin ask to see the BSS blue registration papers before getting your pup.
Some breeders are only registering their litters with UKC and AKC.
If the puppy is not BSS registered you cannot register any future puppies with the BSS and you cannot run your pup in BSS field trials.

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesStud Service

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesDog Chain
Updated! New Links to Dog Related Sites: Dog breeds, Training Articles, Online Dog Magazines, OFA/CERF information, Veterinarians, and Holistic Medicine.

BSSlogo.gif - 4848 Bytes The Official Registry of the Boykin Spaniel

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Boykin Spaniel Society website
PO Box 2047, Camden, SC 29020
803-425-1032 - M-F - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

History of the Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniel Standard

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2012 BSS National Field Trial results
2010BSS National Field Trial Results
brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2009 BSS National Field Trial Results

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Results for the 2008 National Field Trial
brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2007 Boykin Spaniel National Field Trial results
BSS 2007 National Field Trial photos online

2006 BSS National Field Trial results
Photos from 2006 BSS National Trial

2005 BSS National Results

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes 2015 BSS National Upland Field Trial Results
2014 BSS National Upland Field Trial Results
2012 BSS National Upland Field Trial results 2011 BSS National Upland Field Trial results
2010 BSS National Upland Trial results
2009 Boykin Spaniel Society National Upland Trial results

2008 Upland results
2007 Upland results
2006 Upland Results
2005 Upland Results and pictures
2004 BSS Upland Results

EdieFlush.jpg - 74575 Bytes
SHR Just Ducky's First Edition flushing a chukar
(photo by Pam Kadlec - 12/4/04)

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes The Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes The MidSouth Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club    (MSBSRC)  
The South's newest Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club for all Boykin enthusiasts in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and Arkansas

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes The The Dang Yankee Boykin Spaniel Club Dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the Boykin Spaniel in the Northeastern United States

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes The Midwest Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club is a Boykin Spaniel club formed in the Midwest consisting of Boykin enthusiasts that are forming to share information, training ideas and the love of the breed. Membership is open to anyone having an interest in the Boykin breed, regardless of where you are located

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesTraining and Hunting Articles

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Canine Diversity Project - Food for thought....Check it out and e-mail me (Pam) with your thoughts. Thanks!

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes
UC Davis Canine Genetic Heritage Project

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes "Collie-eye" (CEA) study. eyes2.jpg - 3360 Bytes OptiGen Labratory and Gregory M. Acland, BVSc did a study on unrelated Boykin spaniels to determine how prevelant CEA is in this breed.

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Pulmonic Stenosis - A potentially life-threatening heart disease. Have you had your Boykin's heart checked by a cardiologist?

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesParvo Alert

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Alert!! Be aware of this disease - it can be fatal -  Ehrlichiosis  

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes A Tale of a Collar Swallowing Pup

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Dog Contracts - Co-ownership and Stud dog

brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Check out this page for Miscellaneous Dog (Boykin) Related Things For Sale

A Few Great Gift Ideas:

ByknBk09.jpg - 15236 Bytes The Boykin Spaniel, South Carolina's Dog - Revised Edition, 2009
by Mike Creel and Lynn Kelley
Check your bookstore, or click here: To order your copy from the publisher

curlPortsm.jpg - 7927 Bytes brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Robert Hickman, Acrylic and Graphite artist

RTlogo2.jpg - 10097 Bytes RT Tosser - Manual and Remote control wingers - "Throw it like you mean it"

3brdogs.gif - 3501 Bytes 3 Brown Dogs Handmade Pet Accesories

UGDcvr_sm.jpg - 10005 Bytes brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes Urban Gundogs
Training Flushing Dogs for Home & Field by Anthony Z. Roettger & Benjamin H. Schleider III
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cover_sm.png - 63749 Bytes brnball.jpg - 884 Bytes The First Boykin Spaniels: The Story of Dumpy and Singo
New children's book by Lynn Kelly and illustrated by Lisa Gardiner

brnball.jpg - 884 BytesDog Chain
Updated! New Links to Dog Related Sites: Dog breeds, Training Articles, Online Dog Magazines, OFA/CERF information, Veterinarians, and Holistic Medicine.

History of the Boykin Spaniel
Boykin Spaniel Standard

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