Face of Boykin Spaniel print
"The Boykin Spaniel -
South Carolinas Native Son"

Limited Edition Print by Julia Horner


My name is Julia Horner and I live in a rural pocket of Piedmont, North Carolina called Knightdale.

Through the 1980's - mid 1990's I was owned by a Boykin Spaniel - Hollis Macken. Hollis, whose name came from a South Carolina Politician and an Irish race horse, was a character!

When he was not scouting my pasture-like neighborhood for quail or exploring the surrounding banks of the Neuse river, he would listen to classical music and croon along in tenor to Pavarotti. musical notes

And, whenever the children's program, Sesame Street, came on television and the theme song, Sunny Days, played, he came running into the room to sing along.

Hollis was a big tease! He would hide out-of-doors behind a tree or under a bush and after you had called him three times he would tear out from his hiding place and crash into your legs!

He was a great family protector and was always tuned in to family members' movements in the house as well as movements on the outside.

When Hollis died in 1995 I made a promise to him that I would celebrate his life by making a contribution to the Boykin Spaniel breed to ensure the purity and integrity of the breed.

Anyone who has ever belonged to a Brownie or has ever observed this hearty retriever at work on land or water could only lose his heart to him!

I began my contribution in July of this year with the publication of my art print titled, "The Boykin Spaniel, South Carolinas Native Son."

The print is a dreamscape portraying Hollis sitting on a dock waiting to explore the marshes of South Carolina. A wild turkey is visible in the distant grasses (The Boykin started his career tracking wild turkey) along with South Carolina State symbols - the palmetto and the quarter moon.

This beautiful and unique piece of artwork is a signed/numbered limited edition print (580) featuring an 18" x 24" image with 1/2" margins and is reproduced on premium acid-free artist paper.

The price of each print is $75.00 plus $7.50 shipping. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each print is designated for medical research for the Boykin Spaniel/Boykin Spaniel Rescue Network.

To see this print, step on the paw print

Please order by contacting:
Julia Horner
602 Leonard Road
Knightdale, NC 27545
or call (919) 266-2882

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