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79 Wood Duck Drive, Edgefield, SC 29824

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This is to represent a co-ownership contract between Pamela O. Kadlec, Just Ducky Kennels (Seller), and ____________________________________ (Buyer). This contract is in reference to a Boykin Spaniel puppy. The parents of this pup are ____________________________ and _________________________. This contract is for a period of two years from date of birth, ___________, and is in reference to OFA and CERF certification of the above mentioned Boykin spaniel's hips, heart and eyes. If the pup is registered with UKC the breeder will co-own the pup until the health clearances are met. The Boykin Spaniel Society Limited Privilege status will be lifted after all the health clearances are met.

This puppy is warranted to be currently free from any serious disease or congenital defect. The eyes have been CERF’ed normal and the heart has been checked for murmurs and found clear. Buyer agrees to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 5 working days of the original transfer. If a licensed veterinarian finds a serious health problem with the puppy, Buyer may rescind this contract if he/she notifies the Breeder within 5 working after the purchase is complete, or after Buyer takes possession of the puppy. If the Buyer elects to rescind the contract because of a health problem, upon Buyer’s surrender of the puppy and the puppy’s properly executed registration papers to the Breeder, then Buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price. If the Buyer chooses to have any veterinary treatment performed before the dog is returned, the Breeder is not responsible for the cost and only the purchase price of the dog will be returned. The Buyer would be responsible for any mileage, wage loss and time costs incurred by the Breeder while retrieving this puppy.

Owner agrees that in the event that they can no longer keep this dog, they agree to never sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of the dog other than returning it directly to the Breeder. If shipping is necessary, the Breeder is willing to cover the expense of returning the dog. The Owner will sign over the dog’s registration at the time of its return. The Owner acknowledge that the Breeder requires this agreement because she cares about the future of this dog for its entire life, and is willing to assume responsibility for finding an appropriate, loving, new home should it ever become necessary. Any monetary refund to the Owner will be paid after the dog is returned and evaluated.

This contractual agreement is to insure that the Buyer(s) do not mate (breed) the above mentioned Boykin until the OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certification processes have been completed. After this two year period and when the above mentioned dog obtains OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certifications this contract is completed and UKC sole ownership will be transferred to the buyer and the BSS Limited Privileges status will be lifted. If the above mentioned dog does not receive OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certifications, a decision will be made by both parties as to whether the dog should be spayed/neutered.

Breeding of this dog prior to OFA certification will render this hip guarantee null and void. Breeder and Owner agree that the hip guarantee covered in this contract expires when the dog reaches the age of 28 months. Dog must be X-rayed & OFA’d by the age of 28 months.

Failure to comply with all terms and agreements of this contract will render this hip guarantee null and void.

If your pup does come up with CHD, consider the following:

I cannot promise a breedable puppy. Even if you breed ten generations of clean hips a pup can still develop the disease. With that in mind:

If your pup is found to be clinically dysplastic to the extent that the dog cannot perform in the field, I will refund your money when you return the dog. If you choose and I have a litter expected, you have the option to take a replacement pup.

If instead, you want to keep the dog and have her spayed, I will refund ½ the puppy fee.

If you decide to keep the dog and not have her spayed, you relinquish any puppy fees.

The only stipulation of this contract for this dog is the health certifications of the above mentioned Boykin’s hips, heart and eyes. No other contingencies exist. After a period of two years and the above certifications – or when the dog is spayed/neutered - this contract will be terminated, any UKC co-ownership papers will be signed over to the buyer, and the BSS Limited Privileges restriction will be lifted.





I agree to the above contractual agreement.

New Owner (print name) __________________________

Signed ___________________________________________

Date _______________________________


Pamela O. Kadlec __________________________


Whelped ______________

Shots: Vanguard Plus 5 puppy vaccine –

Wormed several times with puppy wormer

Start pup on heart worm preventative

Pup needs a rabies shot