2010 BSS National Hunting Retriever Trial Results

March 26-28 - Clinton House, Clinton, South Carolina

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The sun was a welcome guest at this year's National. For the first time in years it didn't rain during the retriever events!

Photography by Pamela O. Kadlec

Congratulations to all!!!

Open Class

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Judges: Wayne Guy and Don Garrett
Marshall: John Inabinet
17 entries

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2010 National Open Champion: HRCH UH St. Thomas Chief - owned and handled by Dan Reel

2nd Place: GRHRCH UH Just Ducky’s Justforkicks – “Mule” – owned by Chris Meurett & Pam Kadlec, handled by Joe Dawson

3rd Place: HRCH UH Amanda of Pocotaligo - "Amanda" - owned and handled by Devon Ruth

4th Place: HRCH Justahomewrecker - "Wrecker" - owned and handled by John Huddleston

HRCH UH Pathfinders Point Shako Jackeco - owned and handled by Scott Kinder
HRCH Amazing Grace – owned and handled by Blake Wagonner
HR Jeff’s True Luck Tucker – owned and handled by Jeff Matthews

Intermediate Class

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Judges: Tom McKenzie and Jane Doolittle
Marshalls: Anne and Welsh Livinston
35 entries

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2010 National Intermediate Champion: Bryan's Santee Delta Sunrise - "Delta"
– owned and handled by Trey Bryan

2nd Place: Lily's Full Choke Hunter – owned by Phil & Karen Hinchman, handled by Phil Hinchman

3rd Place: Maximus Decimus Meridius – owned and handled by Mike Thomas

4th Place: Home on the Range - "Ranger" - owned and handled by Shannon Bentley

HR UH AJ Jumper - owned and handled by James Barbare
Cupped and Committed's Lily - owned and handled by Michael Hames
HR UH Fist Full of Dollars - owned by Chad Funderburk, handled by Kim Parkman
HR Carolina Magic Chaser - owned by Lee & Harriet Clark, handled by Harriet Clark

Novice Class

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Judges: Brian Parker and Matt Hemphill
Marshall: George Gallaher
64 entries

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2010 National Novice Champion: SHR Master Maximus of the Cooper - "Cooper"
– owned and handled by Greg Zett

2nd Place: SHR Island Creek Buck – owned and handled by Sarah Harris

3rd Place: Brandywine's Special Edition - "Edie" - owned by Lance Wagonner, handled by Peggy Wagonner

4th Place: Nuf Ced Lucca the Jester – “Lucca” – owned and handled by Andrew Musashe

Just Ducky's Sports Page "Sport" - owned by John Logan, handled by Cameron Morgan
Brandy - owned and handled by Cody Clark
Brandywines Special Cut - "Tbone" - owned by Lance Wagonner, handled by Alesha Ronate
OTM's Win One For the Gipper - "Reagan" - owned and handled by Stuart Huddleston

SHR Justalildog'lldoya - "Bryl" - owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by Cameron Morgan
Justasipofmoonshine - "April" - owned and handled by James Barbare
Shadow Bend Gabe's Gabrielle - "Bree" - owned by Becki Anderson, handled by Rick Anderson
Hunters' Rest Memphis – owned and handled by Phillip Patterson
Home on the Range - "Ranger" - owned and handled by Shannon Bentley
Just Ducky's Justbecause - "Bee" - owned and handled by Buddy May
Duke of Irondale - owned by Frank Peerson, handled by Pete Peerson
Holland Ridge Justhavefaith - "Deacon" - owned and handled by Mark Lee
Jake and Tyler's Grizzley - "Griz" - owned and handled by Justin Barnes
Mitchell's Mighty Maximillion - "Max" - owned and hanndled by Wayne Mitchell
Brandywines Majestic Water Lily - "Lily" - owned by Jesse Payne, handled by Rod Payne
Richland's Roadside Rendezvous - "Roadie" - owned by Shawn Littlefield, handled by Anne Livingston
Lily Belle Bloom - "Lily" - owned and handled by Ray Bloom
Just Ducky's Just2xMule - "Kicker" - owned by James Barbare and Penny Hinton, handled by Penny Hinton
Stickpond's Zipity Do Da - "Zip" - owned by Dan Caton, handled by Colt Farrington
Preston's War Eagle - "Preston" owned by Dee Morgan, handled by Richard Morgan
Carolina Magic's Max4camiflage - "Cami" - owend and handled by Ted Allen
Pocotaligo's First Shot - "Cannon" - owned by Corey Buchanan, handled by Jule Parkman
OTM's Wrecker's License to Carry - "Kara" - owned by John & Kelly Huddleston, handled by John Huddleston
Tugtown Edisto Fripp - "Fripp" - owned by Jason Harkey, handeld by Bill Crites
Pocotaligo's Cash Advance - "Vance" - owned and handled by Chad Funderburk
Mistrelboy Clan Chieftan - "Chief" - owned and handled by Mike Elliot
OTM’s No Last Call LC Mae - owned and handled by Kevin Kees

Puppy Class

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Judges: Danny Sanders and Michelle Love
Marshall: Skip Nelson
35 entries

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2010 National Puppy Champion: Mitchell's Mighty Maximillion - "Max"
– owned and handled by Wayne Mitchell

2nd Place: Brandywine's Cherokee Rose - "Rose" – owned and handled by Frank Semken

3rd Place: Little River Rock - "Rock" – owned by James Barbare, handled by (6-year old) Cade Hinton

4th Place: Shadow Bend Duke - "Duke" – owned and handled by Rick Anderson

Lockhaven's Roscoe the Rockstar - "Scoe" - owned and handled by Johnny Holden
Brandywine's Cutty's Legacy - "Cady" - owned and handled by Rod Payne
River's Turn Sam-Bo - "Sambo" - owned by Gene Putnam, handled by Jan Putnam
Toney's 4-leaf Clover - "Cloe" - owned and handled by Eddie Toney

Just Ducky's Stars'nStripes - "Star" - owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by James Barbare
Brandywines Lookout4Buddyluv - "Buddy" - owned and handled by Ray Bloom
T-boy's First Pirogue - "Pirogue" - owned and handled by Teasha Griner
Brandywines's Dark Roasted Michelob - "Mick" - owned and handled by Matt Behe

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2010 Chairman's Cup
The Chairman's Cup is awarded to the young handler (under 17 years of age) with the highest scoring Novice dog
For the third year in a row Miss Sarah Harris (9-years old) won this trophy, this time repeating with her dog, SHR Island Creek Buck