2004 BSS National Hunting Retriever Test Results:
April 1-4 - H. Cooper Black Recreational Area, Patrick, South Carolina

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It was a "Just Ducky" weekend!
Two National Champions - Puppy and Novice
14 out of the 40 ribbons awarded earned by Just Ducky Kennel dogs (all but one born/bred here)
Including all 3 6 month-old littermates from the last Justdoit (Nike) and Justmyluck (Lucky) litter in the Puppy class:
"Air Jordan, Air Althea and Air Vivacity"
Danny Bange won the Chairman's Cup for the 2nd year in a row!

Congratulations to all!!!

Puppy Judges: Allyson Osteen and Paul Lemmond
27 Entries

04PupCh.jpg - 27686 Bytes

2004 National Puppy Champion: Just Ducky's Justaluckybet - "Wager" Owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by Chris Meurett
2nd:  Just Ducky's Nike Air Jordan
Owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by Danny Bange
4th: Ed_Cracker.jpg - 11861 Bytes
Justafloridacracker - owned by Ed Gammons and Pam Kadlec, handled by Danny Bange

JAM'S (Judges Award of Merit): Just Ducky's Nike Air Vivacity - Owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by Danny Bange
Danny_sm.jpg - 25041 BytesLady Lily Richey - (picture on right with Danny)- Owned by Alan Richey, handled by Danny Bange

Joe_Thea.jpg - 34167 Bytes
Just Ducky's Nike Air Althea Owned by Joe Copeland and Pam Kadlec, handled by Joe Copeland

Novice Judges: Paul Sumner and Steve Mathes
51 Entries

04NovCh.jpg - 27851 Bytes

2004 National Novice Champion: SHR Just Ducky's Ubetyourbippy - "Bette" - owned by Pam Kadlec handled by Danny Bange

3rd Place: Patrick_Guiness.jpg - 18568 Bytes
Just Ducky's Guiness Stout -
owned and handled by Patrick Duvall
4th Place:
SHR Just Ducky's Bookmark - owned by Chris Meurett and Pam Kadlec, handled by Chris Meurett

JAM'S (Judges Award of Merit):
Jeb_ad.jpg - 25137 Bytes
HR Holland Ridge's Jeb Stuart - Owned and handled by Mark Lee
Just Ducky's Justaluckybet- "Wager" Owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by Chris Meurett

Danny_Bette.jpg - 19785 Bytes
Chairman's Cup

Highest scoring Novice dog handled by a handler 16 years of age or younger:

Danny Bange with Just Ducky's Ubetyourbippy - "Bette"

Intermediate Judges: Allen Nuttall and Scott Durkin
11 Entries

2nd Place: Wm_Partner.jpg - 15648 Bytes

Just Ducky's Law Partner
- owned and handled by William McMaster III

Lucky_run2.jpg - 16948 Bytes
Just Ducky's Justmyluck - "Lucky" - owned and handled by Pam Kadlec

Open Judges: Bachman Doar and Mark Ackerman
9 Entries

2nd Place: HRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks - owned by Chris Meurett and Pam Kadlec, handled by Pam Kadlec