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NikkiOct011 (47K) OolahOct011 (35K)
Ballyhoo's Nikki of Owen Marsh and Ballyhoo's OolahLah of Owenmarsh

Tiki2_Oct09.jpg - 56674 Bytes

Tiki_CHRC.jpg - 63258 Bytes HRCH_Tiki.jpg - 37549 Bytes
HRCH Realta's Tiki Torches at Midnight SH - "Tiki"
Tiki is a fine young Irish boyo. He earned his UKC/HRC Started title and 2 AKC Junior Hunter passes in the Fall of 2007 before he was ten months of age.
He earned his Junior Hunter title before his first birthday, his Seasoned title and Senior title at two years of age and his Finished title well before his third birthday
Owned by Steve, Kathy and Ben Riseman
Photos by Pam Kadlec

copper.JPG - 77374 Bytes
HR Ildanoch's Pint O' Harp SH WCX - "Copper"
owned by Steve and Kathy Riseman
Earned his WC and WCX May 2, 2007 at the Irish Water Spaniel Nationals
Handled by Steve Riseman

Copper earned his Started title at Central Florida HRC - December 4, 2005
and earned his Junior Hunter title in Georgia with his owner, Stephen Riseman handling on March 5, 2006
earned 2 Seasoned passes: one at North East Florida HRC (3/4/06) and one at Midlands HRC (3/11/06) -
and his Hunting Retreiver title at Coastal Empire HRC
CopperPK.jpg - 49782 Bytes
Copper earned his Senior title at the Palmetto Retriever Club AKC hunt test on Sunday, December 9, 2007
Handled by Pam Kadlec

Top photo by Pam Kadlec

Kez_CHRC.jpg - 98242 Bytes
SHR Ballyhoo's Kezzie of Owen Marsh JH
10 months old - Earned her Started title at Northeast Florida HRC, February 25, 2007
Owned and handled by Pam Kadlec
Kezzie earned 3 Junior Hunter passes (AKC) and 2 Seasoned passes (UKC/HRC) in the Fall of 2007. She earned her fourth Junior pass/title in the Spring of 2008
photo by Pam Kadlec

Nessie_Jan09.JPG - 37773 Bytes SHR Ballyhoo's Legend of Owen Marsh - "Nessie"
Owned by Jim Rubin
photo by Pam Kadlec

SHR_Trin.jpg - 72780 Bytes U-SHR CH Castlehill's Ode to Carey-Aine WC RN - "Trinity"
Trinity earned her WC at the IWS Specialty in April and earned 4 Started passes in a row to earn her Started title
Trin also has one Junior Hunter pass. She started her field training at 3-years of age and loves to play this game!
Owned by Karen and Rick Mulkearn and Sue Tapp, handled by Karen Mulkearn

Janne_boat.jpg - 38777 Bytes JanneDuck.jpg - 36810 Bytes
SHR CH Ballyhoo's Janne O'Bachlach CD JH - "Janne"
Owned by Dede Selph and Pam Kadlec, handled by Pam Kadlec or Dede Selph
photos by Pam Kadlec
Ballyhoo Dogs

SHRflikka.jpg - 33453 Bytes SHRdorre.jpg - 35215 Bytes
Congratulations to:
SHR CH Ballyhoo's Flikka Brew, JH CD CGC
SHR CH Ballyhoo's Dorre O'Carragheen, CD NA WC CGC
Mother and daughter earned their Started titles at Midlands HRC, October 9, 2005
Flikka earned her JH at Palmetto Retriever Club hunt test December 10 2005 and her IWS All-Around!
(Dorre wasn't trained here but when an 11 year old dog earns a title she deserves some credit!)
Owned and handled by Dede Selph
Ballyhoo Dogs
photos by Dawn Crites

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