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Graduates and Honors

Ash_Wilhoit.jpg - 21888 BytesSHR_Molly.jpg - 22426 Bytes Started titled Sisters!:
SHR Salem Farm's Just Hot Ash - Onwed and handled by Robert Wilhoit
SHR Just Ducky's Front Page News "Molly" - Owned and handled by John Logan
(HR Just Ducky's Bookmark x Just Ducky's Just2hot2handle)

SHR_Gus.jpg - 34195 Bytes SHR Augustus Mars
(HR Just Ducky's Justmyluck x Shelby's Nipper)
Owned by Richard and Bobbi Lee Claybrooke
Thea_CEHRC.jpg - 18789 Bytes Just Ducky's Nike Air Althea
(HR Just Ducky's Justmyluck x HR Just Duckys' Justdoit)
handled by Joe Copeland
Earned 3 Started passes

Way to go guys and gals!

Patrick_Guiness.jpg - 18568 Bytes
Just Ducky's Guiness Stout - owned and handled by Patrick Duvall
Edie_CBSRC.jpg - 31220 Bytes Danny_Louie.jpg - 17117 Bytes

SHR Just Ducky's First Edition - "Edie"(HR Just Duckys' Justmyluck x HR Just Duckys' Justdoit)
Owned and handled by Anne Livingston
SHR Just Ducky's Justagigalo - "Louie"(HR Just Duckys' Justmyluck x Just Cricket)
Owned and handled by Danny Bange

Danny_2pass.jpg - 11232 Bytes chaircup.jpg - 13533 Bytes Danny_2pups.jpg - 12317 Bytes
SHR Just Ducky's Ubetyourbippy (Bette) and SHR Just Ducky's Bookmark (Booker)
Danny Bange handled both pups to Started titles from UKC in 2003
Danny with Booker and Just Ducky's Memphis Red - completed the Novice class at the 2003 BSS Nationals - earning Danny the Chairman's Cup
Danny with Just Ducky's Doc's Emma and Fonzie - Emma Completed the 2003 BSS National Puppy class - Fonzie won it

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American Water Spaniel graduates

Dixie_Pugh.jpg - 22172 Bytes Gus_duck.jpg - 14813 Bytes
Dixie - owned by Charley Pugh. A wonderful little retriever and a joy to train
Gus - owned by Richard Claybrooke - Gus is every bit as talented as his sister, Dixie- and he earned his first Started pass at the CBSRC Hunt Test in May, 2004
Richard and Gus earned 2 more Started passes at Charleston HRC - June 26, 27 2004

MissE_Tillman.jpg - 13165 BytesRem_Edwards.jpg - 12586 BytesSeller_Vedas.jpg - 14562 Bytes
Just Ducky's Miss Edgefield - Miss E", owned by Stephen Tillman - stayed close to home and loves to come to visit
Remington - owned by Will Edwards, super sweet and very smart - Will and Rem may be making waves soon at HRC hunt tests
Just Ducky's Best Seller - "Seller"- owned by Marty Vedas - this fall the dove field will see a great little hunting dog
Rhett_Oxner.jpg - 19825 BytesMollieH.jpg - 17375 BytesMaddie_Bowen.jpg - 17218 Bytes
Rhett - owned by Carlisle Oxner, is going to be a blast hunting quail and chukar - good things do come in small packages!
Mollie - owned by Diana Hashimi - discovered water and loves to swim
Maddie - owned by Todd Bowen - a bundle of energy - when she learns to channel it she will be awesome

Biscuit_Wmson.jpg - 16202 BytesBuster_Carter.jpg - 13720 BytesHunter_Colwell.jpg - 11038 BytesLily_Richey.jpg - 15014 Bytes
Justbiscuitsngravy - "Biscuit" - owned by Robert Willamson, such a sweet girl and she loves to retrieve too!
Buster - owned by Jim Carter - this boy is a handful with tons of talent
Hunter - owned by Jerry Colwell - a super working dog with a great temperament
Lily - Alan Richey has a great little retriever now that Lily has figured out the game!

Luke_Abernathy.jpg - 14109 Bytes Carl_McDaniel.jpg - 17191 Bytes Hunter_Matthews.jpg - 15823 Bytes Maggie_Paulk.jpg - 15289 Bytes
SHR Just Ducky's Cool Hand Luke - Dave will have his hands full with this boy but boy will he hunt!
Carl - Michael McDaniel has an up and coming superstar - this pup has all the tools needed to be a great gun dog.
Hunter - Roddy Matthews and Hunter will have years of fun - this boy is a driven retriever and a sweet boy to boot
Maggie - Trav Paulk needs to keep on his toes with Miss Maggie - she's a lean, retrieving machine in a tiny package.

Bing_Xavier.jpg - 13898 BytesBing_Christa3.jpg - 15323 Bytes
SHR Just Ducky's Justacrooner - "Bing" (Mule's brother)
handled by 10-year old Xavier Jimenez to his Started title
7-year old Christina Rhinehart handled Bing to 2 Started passes - Central Florida HRC

Jeb_Lee.gif - 20172 Bytes Jeb_Lee_03.jpg - 18926 Bytes
HR Holland Ridge's Jeb Stuart - Owned and handled by Mark Lee - 2001-02 CBSRC Puppy of the Year
2002-2003 CBSRC Novice Dog of the Year
Edisto's Rebel Colonel x Just Cricket

Duke_Gffn.jpg - 19146 BytesAshley_R.jpg - 16846 BytesCayle_T.jpg - 15288 Bytes
Duke - owned by Scott and Zak Griffin - went to Texas and brought back snow geese and even attempted a Sandhill crane. Way to go Duke!
Ashley - owned by Jane Robbins - quite the handful during puppyK, Miss Ashley will be back for graduate studies this spring
Cayle - owned by Jimmy Timmons - shows all the markings of a great little hunting dog

Dixie_M.jpg - 11891 BytesJo-Jo_D.jpg - 11571 BytesDixie_W.jpg - 13606 Bytes
Dixie - Owned by Lee Motlow - don't let the worried look fool ya, she's all business on birds and loves to harrass the other pups!
JoJo - owned by Mike Daniels - super sweet boy who loves to retrieve
Dixie - owned by the Westers - the boys couldn't wait to get this girl home to fetch some birds!

Archie_R.gif - 37000 BytesBuster_C.gif - 36245 BytesRebel_S.gif - 45641 Bytes
Left to Right: Archie - owned by Chip Robinson - learned that bang means bird and he likes birds
Buster - owned by Jim Carter - little pistol - will be back for graduate studies
Rebel - owned by Christine Smoak - Mr. Ansty - still learning that sit means sit.

Beau_G.gif - 26319 BytesBrownie.gif - 27930 Bytescamden.gif - 25186 Bytes
Left to right: Beau - owned by Nick Garry - this rescue dog turned into a retrieving machine
Brownie - owned by Steve Jager - earned top honors as Sofa Queen!
Camden - owned by Becky and Robert Brown - Camden shows promise as a great hunting dog

Duncan_L.gif - 33148 BytesAllie_Sass.gif - 23798 BytesBuster_T.gif - 42501 Bytes
Left to Right: Duncan - owned by Ned Librock - is a wonderful little retriever
Miss Allie - owned by Ken Sass - much prefers the upland over ducks but does it all. Congrats on the Started pass!
Buster - owned by Billy Todd - shows his stuff in the dove field and the duck blind
Gabe.gif - 29647 BytesJack_M.gif - 26984 BytesKobe_sit.gif - 22404 Bytes
Gabe - owned by Rick Anderson - all business with this boy
Jack - owned by Chuck Mascaro - super sweet guy
Kobe - owned by Martin Kelly - efficiency expert

RC_boat2.gif - 27517 BytesJubal.gif - 28561 Bytes
Father and son - HR Edisto Rebel Colonel "RC" (owned by Ronnie Grisanti) and Rinaldo's Delta Dawn "Jubal" - (owned by Judd Grisanti)
Both are great hunting companions.

COCOA.gif - 22626 BytesMaggiew_3_8.gif - 27162 BytesPatch.gif - 38893 Bytes
Left to right: Storey's Cocoa Break - Cocoa -owned by Charles Storey - Miss Mouth - barks just to hear her own voice - lives to hunt
VSOP's dela Magdeleine - Maggie - owned by John Wallace - rules the roost in her house
Patch - owned by Brian Tallent - all business on birds

6 of the last 7 years the Boykin Spaniel Society's National Puppy Champion has come from Just Ducky Kennel; born and/or trained here including:
02pupCh.gif - 35342 Bytes 00puppy.gif - 32488 Bytes
2002 BSS National Puppy Champion:
Branson's Buddy Colonel
Edisto's Rebel Colonel x Just Cricket
Owned by Stan Metz

2000 BSS National Puppy Champion:
Savannah Roses' Martha Duke
Goose Pond Malcolm x Savannah Bea
Owned by Gary and Rose Edmonds

Other Just Ducky Puppy champions can be found at Just Ducky Academy page

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