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BSSlogo.gif - 4848 Bytes Official Boykin Spaniel Society Web Site Sanctioned by the BSS

United Kennel Club
UKC's Hunting Retriever Club

American Water Spaniel Club, Inc.

AWS Partners - A site that addresses the health issues in the American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel Field Association

English Cocker Spaniels

American Spaniel Club The American Spaniel Club, Inc., is the parent club for the Cocker spaniel. It is also a dedicated supporter of all Flushing Spaniel breeds.

English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association

Timberdoodle English Springer Spaniels

Field Spaniel Society of America

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America

The Sussex Spaniel Association (UK)

Dog Breeders Network Pro Dog Network, Dog Merchandise Network
Dog Breeders Online Directory

Veterinary Links

NetVet Veterinary Resources
Vet Web United Kingdom Veterinary Services
Dr. Tom Lonsdale Raw Meaty Bones informational pages
Canine Eye Registration Foundation; CERF - NEW Site - listing of Opthalmologists, database of CERF'ed dogs, lots of information!
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - New and improved! Search database for ratings on siblings, parents, get, and half-siblings

Dog Books and Periodicals Online


Spaniels in the Field - Periodical dedicated to spaniels. Great articles on training your dogs to flush. 

  Bird Dog & Retriever News At about a thousand pages we have one of the largest hunting and dog sites on the net.

  Spaniel Journal - Online magazine dedicated to working spaniels
Autumnskye English Springer Spaniels

  Retriever Journal - Dedicated to retrievers - mostly the big dogs and (white coat) field trialers but even the LBD's can learn something from this magazine!

Conservation Groups

qulogo72.gif - 3313 BytesQuail Unlimited

scwa_logo.gif - 5244 BytesSouth Carolina Waterfowl Association

DoveSportsman1.jpg - 5988 Bytes Dove Sportsman's Society - A division of Quail Unlimited

nwtf_logo.jpg - 5974 Bytes National Wild Turkey Federation

delta_logo.jpg - 2983 Bytes Delta Waterfowl

du_logo.gif - 3769 Bytes Ducks Unlimited

Kennel Software

Man's Best Friend Software

Clicker Training


Karen Pryor's Clicker training website

Clicker Pet Store

Clicker Train

General Information

uswda.jpeg - 3825 BytesUnited States War Dogs Association

covey_logo2.gif - 3275 Bytes Better-than-leather dog collars, leashes and check cords

breederlogo.gif - 4967 Bytes Nutro Dog Food Breeders Program

Tritronics_logo.jpeg - 4743 Bytes Tri-Tronics

seapetslogo.gif - 5997 Bytes Seapets
The original aquatic and pet superstores, established for thirty years and still leading the way in the UK

DALogo.gif - 1794 Bytes  - "Your dog training accessory connection"

tbi_logo.JPG (5306 bytes)  Trail Blazing Innovations - check out their Riata training vest

lcs_logo.gif Lion Country Supply - Worlds Premier Hunting Dog Supplier™

Dogs Directory - dogs related news, books and web resources

Adorable Dog Tags - Custom Dog Tags, Pet Tags

Dog training | Dog behavior It's at:
Get our Free mini-course "7 Steps To Overcoming Dog Behavior Problems"!

Working Retriever Central is the Internet's starting point for retriever enthusiasts having interests ranging from hunting upland game and waterfowl to retriever breed club working certificates, club picnic trials, retriever hunt tests and retriever field trials.

Air Launch King The latest in launching systems - launches ducks, pigoens, bumpers and Dokken dead fowl with ease

Shotgun Sports Resource Guide - wingshooting, sporting clays, gun dogs, gamebird breeders, and equipment

Exotic Dogs- A website all about dogs for kids!

Petdoors - Patio Pacific has specialized in pet doors for over 25 years

Gun Dog Supply - Serving hunting and field dog owners nationally since 1972

Professor Hunt's Dog Page

Motivational Dog Posters - Stop by to be entertained, motivated and inspired, or to find the perfect gift for the ultimutt dog lover!
The Dogpatch chose this site as one of the Great Dog Breed pages! Thanks!
The Dog Zone Dog Breeders Exchange and OnLine Magazine

NetPet Great Site! Check out the serious articles AND the humor pages!

Rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers a variety of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to answer general questions people have about dogs. These are the most up-to-date versions as they are the master copies.

Holistic Care

Monica Seagal - Catering to Unique Needs of Individuals
Author of: "K9Kitchen, Your Dogs' Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype"
Consultations ~ Diet Analyses ~ Quality-Tested Supplements

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Animal Chiropractic books and videos

AltVetMed Information on Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Veterinary Medicine
AbbeyWood Publishing Index
AbbeyWood Publishing Help Your Dog Stay Young & Beautiful - article by Catherine O'Driscoll.
Your Animal's Health The Monthly Magazine for Modern Pet Owners by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield

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