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Boykin Spaniel Gift Ideas


bronze_sm.jpg - 3515 Bytes Limited Edition Bronze Boykin by Tom Denniston

Louis Lejeune Ltd.
Spaniel hood ornaments - a gift for the spaniel owner that has everything!

pic of pendant (2330 bytes)  Boykin Jewelry - 10k gold ($80.00) or sterling silver ($40.00) - Pendants or Pins -and NOW - Charms! Contact Williams Jewlery - (904) 964-7064. M/C & Visa phone orders accepted. 

Alpha Dog Omega Cat - A shop in Charleston, SC that carries a wide selection of of Boykin merchandise such as beautiful silver charms for $35, hand-painted Boykin keepsake boxes, and hand-painted Boykin door stops.

  Print by Julia Horner,
"The Boykin Spaniel, South Carolinas Native Son"

Boykin Spaniel Screen Saver
WindWings Unique screen savers now offers Boykins!

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